Healing Books for Inspiration – Physical Health, Finances, Emotional Healing

We all went thought awakening moments when reading a book opened our eyes, inspired us or changed us. Books are my big passion, and many times I order more of them than I actually have time to read. I would like to share my list below for inspiration. Some books I came about recently, some […]

Reducetarian or Flexitarian? Guide to Starting on the Plant-Based Diet.

 Our Ancestry and Conditioning around Food Are you flexitarian, reducetarian, vegetarian or vegan that is looking for some tips to improve the diet so you give your body all the nutrients it needs to be healthy and thrive? I believe there was a time in history where the meat helped us survive. The Omegas from […]

Healing Stress, Anxiety and Insomnia

Long-term stress can make us physically sick and psychologically as well (short attention span, loss of focus). Here is a QUICK GUIDE that can help you tackle the Stress and Sleep Issues.  Long-term Stress vs. Short-term Stress Nobody in today’s society is immune to short-term stress. Our bodies can handle short-term stress. However, long-term stress […]